Mobile Stone Crushers

NEW! Closed Circuit Crushing and Screening Plant

To you a new technology; the new generation so-called closed-circuit crushing and screening plant and Mobile Stone Crusher type, which we would like to briefly introduce the general series.
We started to produce general series the first in 2012, Since then, our company; mass production, as well as your needs of the eligible project-based boutique production successfully engaged the long hours of R & D department and general series of painstaking work resulting of production department is proud of producing successful.Our general serieis equipped basic crusher plant elements on a single chassis which used succesfully in many projects.Thus , your facility is turned into mobile and is saving money and time.

The first one basic element is feeder in plant. Liners are available to prevent damage to absorb the energy of stones fisrt fall instantly.This is an important feature for long-lasting. If you want with the by pass feature,va chance is available to allocate the caly from material before going to crusher. An important feature of our bunker that it is suitable to load with truck and bucket.bThere is also second element as percussion crusher. Our breaker throuhg armor on their pallets protect you against overheating and it provides a noticeable reduction in the cost of spare parts.

Our crusher can work in different capacities according to the model which you choose. The third and last base element is a vibrating screen as well as you receive different size product, which is routed the return conveyor sieve material, that is assumed very important role.

With 36 years of experience, General Machinery is presented you Genaral Mobile Stone Crushing Plants series ,as our other products with the guarantee of our company.