GNR - MC110 Mobile Jaw Crusher

GNR - MC110 Mobile Jaw Crusher plant includes a 110 mobile jaw crusher group with mobile feeder independently operating. In addition to a  mobile impact crusher (DMK 03) , and mobile vibrating screen.

Thanks to the technological developments brought by our years of experience and the forward-thinking R & D studies of our company, we manufacture crusher facilities that offer special solutions to all sizes of stones, especially mining, concrete-batching, and roads-construction.
These facilities, which can perform complete crushing, screening, and even washing, are manufactured within certain limits in terms of capacity.
One of the most important limiting factors here is the mobile chassis that will carry the entire facility on it.

GNR - MC110 Mobile Jaw Crusher plant is designed as a primary group and a secondary group by using a double instead of a single chassis in order not to be stuck to this limit.
The most important advantages over other mobile crushing plants are their high capacity (including crushing basalt or granite) and the independent use of the primary or secondary group in case of need.

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