Mobile Crusher General 640

General 640 Mobile Crushing Plant has  60-100 tons/hour of crushed stone and mine production capacity.
The main reason for its slightly lower capacity compared to our other mobile facilities is the closed-circuit working system, which is ideal for breaking, and sieving abrasive materials.

In this completely portable facility, GNRK 60 jaw crusher series is used as the primary crusher and a special designed-impact crusher is used as the secondary crusher.
General 640, whose main purpose is to crush the stones and mineral materials with high hardness levels in the mobile system to get the desired size, is an ideal crusher facility for stone crushing and screening projects of all budgets.
The products can be used especially for road and construction industries.
Mobile Crusher General 640

Feeder System

Thanks to its new design adapted to the mobile system, it is effortless to install and use. Moreover, it has the same characteristic as fixed feeders in terms of resistance to harsh construction site conditions. It can separate the soil in the run-of-the-mill with the by-pass scalping screen.
It is used to feed all mineral–stone materials and recycle materials of different hardness to the crusher.
  • Side covers can be selected as classic hinged or hydraulic.
  • Body armors are wear-resistant and replaceable.
  • Heavy-duty springs adapted to the mobile system.
  • The drive system can be made with single or twin Vibro motors.
  • Material feeding speed can be adjusted with the Vibro drive control system.
  • Automatic lubrication system can be selected for ease of maintenance.
  • Ease of sieving with single and double-stage bypass grid system
Mobile Crusher General 640

Crushing System

A redesigned mobile crusher system from the ground up with a focus on maximum efficiency and minimum cost that powers the plant.
Mobile Primary Jaw Crusher has been developed to be in a portable structure without affecting the capacity.
It is the most preferred crusher in the primary stage for crushing materials of different hardness in stone crushing and screening plants particularly, hard and abrasive stone–mineral materials with high silica content.

Some of the Mobile Primary Jaw Crusher features are:
  • Primary or secondary models suitable for the material to be broken can be selected.
  • Thanks to the jaw adjustment, the size of the material to be broken can be changed.
  • It has a safety system against excessive strain.
  • The linings and sidewall wear resistance are easily replaceable.
  • Spare part costs can be saved by turning the head and lower part of the jaws.
  • Automatic lubrication can be included in the system
Mobile Crusher General 640

Vibrating Screen System

The mobile vibrating screen has been designed with high efficiency to serve even in the most severe conditions.
Its screening capacity differs, but it is adaptable to all stone types and mineral materials.

Mobile Vibrating Screen features are as follows:
  • It works in synchronization with the crusher at maximum efficiency.
  • Body components are boltless without welding.
  • The sieve wires are steel and imported, they are easy to change.
  • The drive system can be selected with Vibro motors or a conventional camshaft drive.
  • Sieve slope can be adjusted optionally with a hydraulic system.
  • Compatible with all General Makina crushing and screening plants.
Mobile Crusher General 640

Mobile Secondary Impact Crusher System

A redesigned mobile crusher system from the ground up with a focus on maximum efficiency and minimum cost that powers the plant.
Mobile Secondary Impact Crusher
Redesigned to fit in our mobile system
It is very good at breaking non-abrasive medium hard materials.
General features of Mobile Secondary Impact Crusher,
  • High performance for non-abrasive stone and mineral materials.
  • High cubic rate of final ratio
  • Replaceable body wear and rotor blades
  • Bidirectional usable rotor
  • Low energy consumption can be achieved with the Soft Starter preference.
  • The temperature sensor can be included in the system.
  • Automatic lubrication can be included in the system.
Mobile Crusher General 640

 Conveyor Belts System

Mobile Conveyor Belts are perfectly adapted to portable facilities.
It has technological advantages such as automatic installation and frequency control.
The main advantages of Mobile Conveyor Belts are as follows:
  • It is assembled in 15 minutes or collected for shipping position.
  • Drive system works with geared motor, and a frequency system can be added.
  • Top closing, and dust removal unit can be added.
  • Material discharge areas and rollers are covered with rubber.
  • Automatic lubrication and cycle counting system can be added.
  • Magnetic protection system can be added.
Mobile Crusher General 640

Mobile Chassis System

Mobile Chassis carries all the equipment on it and gives the facility the mobility feature
The mobile chassis, which is the work of General Makina engineering, is compatible with all towing construction machines.
The main advantages of the Mobile Chassis system are,
  • It carries the whole plant on a single platform, so it can be used safely in more than one project, Unlike fixed crushing and screening plants.
  • It is compatible with Highway's standard dimensions and signaling (traffic lights) systems in accordance with traffic regulations.
  • It has a standard double axel wheel system; the length of the chassis and the number of axle wheels are increased according to the weight of the facility it will carry.
  • Chassis structure is A1 quality iron and steel. Joint areas are strengthened with an extra welding process.
  • Brake control system is pneumatic.
  • Installation can be completed in 15 minutes with the hydraulic support system.
Mobile Crusher General 640

Control Panel System

The Mobile Control Panel is the brain of the facility that operates the whole facility.
The performance of the plant equipment is determined by the mobile control panel.
The general features of the Mobile Control Panel are:
  • It is suitable to work with standard electric means or generator energy.
  • It can work with 50 Hz and 60 Hz frequency units.
  • Emergency stop system and critical situation sound and light warning systems can be added.
  • With the soft smart starter system, energy savings can be achieved in the crushers as an option.
  • With the extra frequency control unit, the speeds of the feeder, conveyor belts, and vibrating screen can be optimized.
  • It is quite easy to control the facility with the touchscreen control system.
  • Remote control or internet connection tracking system can be added.
  • The outer body of the panel is waterproof and dustproof with locks on covers.