Concrete Batching Plants

Today, General Machinery is produce Concrete Batching Plants in the various countries of the world with 45 years experience.

Our high engineering marvel concrete batching plant facilities, generally makes ready-mixed concrete production in the following capacity:
  • 30m3/h
  • 60m³/h
  • 90m³/h
  • 100m³/h
  • 120m³/h
  • 150m³/h
  • 200m³/h
  • 250m³/h
We produce our concrete plants in 2 different ways. Stationary and Mobile Concrete Batching Plants. Both of concrete plant has different advantages. Please contact us immediately for your most appropriate facility, for your plant.

In all Concrete Batching Plant of our products, they have highest quality cement equipment, load cells, automation systems, engines and gearboxes are uses.

General Machine is making concrete batching plant into production in country and abroad with ISO 9001 and CE quality certificates. Call for prices Concrete Batching Plant now!