Mixer Types

Concrete batching mixers, with their various capacities and ease of use, produce compacted ready mixed concrete by mixing aggregate, additives, and cement. 
Mixers to be used in concrete plants are chosen according to three main criteria; The capacity, the homogeneity level of the mixture in the specified period and the area to be covered by the mixer in the plant.
General Makina's Mixer types; Pan type mixer, Single shaft mixer, and Twin Shaft mixer
They can provide the desired full capacity (fixed or mobile)for concrete plants or special concrete preparation projects.

General Makina’s concrete mixing mixers with low investment costs can produce ready-mixed concrete with special capacities between 0.5 m3 and 4.5 m3.
The ready-mixed concrete produced has a high compression ratio and its discharge can be done by means of a single or double cover hydraulic or pneumatic system. 
In case of power cuts, the discharge covers of the mixture in the mixer can be opened manually. 
In our mixers, the inner linings are covered with extra wear-resistant Ni-Hard, and the replacement of these liners is possible with a bolted connection system.  Casting type can be preferred according to customer demand.
Mixer arms and side liners are covered with Hardox.
The body strength of the mixers is very robust since they are manufactured with steel construction. In addition, they have an extra layer of paint to protect them from climate-induced corrosion

Pan mixers haves a  rotor and its arms have a back reaction system to absorb the pressure against sudden compression. The bearing part of the drive shaft does not touch the concrete so that no probable future leakage or bearing problems would occur.
Twin shaft mixers have arms driven from both sides keep the aggregate in the center continuously and reduce the overall wear costs. In addition, our company uses Ni-Hard in the construction of the arms and scraper pallets for maximum strength.
Single shaft mixers have both high capacity and low operating costs. The most important advantage is the use of the optional double drive system. Double drive ensures maximum homogeneity, higher capacity, and continuity of the production in case of malfunctions that may occur in one of the drive groups. 

All concrete mixers have a walking platform for maintenance and interventions. Also, a system capable of automatic lubrication from different points, and a cleaning unit can be added as an option.

All of our mixers are produced in ISO 9001 and CE Quality standards.
1 Year Warranty except for usage errors and wearing parts and 10 years paid spare parts support.
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