Bentonite Grinding Plant

Bentonite Grinding Plant
Machines are used in the bentonite grinding plant:
Feed silos
Mass Pendulum Mill
Drying Oven
Bag Filling Machines
Bentonite Mine Uses:
It is supplies in Drilling and drilling mud wex to up the crumbs ,prevents water leakage;
Casting Sand mold as in the preparation of the binder (based up to 1600 C);
In pelleting of iron powder;
Construction Dam foundations and civil engineering structure to obtain water or liquid tightness,
Animal Feed in the construction;
the bleaching of edible oils;
The Wine and juice clarification;
Medicines- paper, as a filler in the tire industry;
In -Cement industry, as an additive in the ceramic industry;
Easy to clean the waste to be spread on the bottom of -pet,
In-petroleum refining;
Sewage Water for cleaning,
In the -Paint industrial and fire extinguishers,
Manure Construction and land reclamation
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