90 Rock Crusher Plant

90 Rock Crusher Plant

Our company was not impairing the quality production of crushing, screening and washing plant since 1976. It is one of the leading companies in Turkey. If you plan to install a 90 fixed or mobile crusher plant to receive support from our firm expert engineers absolutely. When we say the 90 Rock Crusher Plant, the 900x650 mm mouth wide, hard rock crusher machine comes to our mind.

The most important reason why we choose the 90 stone crushing plant is that high hardness and SiO2 rate of mine you have. The 90 Stone crusher plants are more used in basalt, chrome enrichment and recycling facility which convert the concrete shrink and sand again. Also the most popular using are is recycling facility in last days. . The aim of crushing of reinforced concrete in 90 stone crushing plant is that damaging other crusher machine systems. But 90 stone crushing plant and crusher plants are all tailor-made for this operation.

In 90 stone crushing plants, if we want to the material transform into sand we need second crusher and of course screen which for convert to the material. As it is seen in the picture above, after the 90 stone crusher plants, the 7-14 mm primary product must be sent to secondary crusher. Of course, if desired end product size between, also the 0-5 mm most desired product accuracy in the production of concrete companies.
We can also add 3 crusher according to the capacity of the facility. The 90 stone crushing plant is used in some limestone facilities. The purpose of this system is to minimize the need for replacement parts in facility. The most wearing jaw cast in the system always and desired properties can procure in General Machinery stockyards. General Machinery meets the need for spare part and maintenance-repair quickly, as it was yesterday, tomorrow will be one of many businesses that will be the most preferred company.

Our company when begin manufacturing machine, the facility is projected like that, firstly to break the product breed, humidity, width, height, diameter, plant, according to final output size and material of the mixture ratio. The most important thing facilities are designed according to the customer's request. Preferred suitable equipment for capacity. In the production stage, in facilities may be adding and changes characterized by the field. When the machine park technical picture drawn, our experts and engineers visit firm with concrete batching projects and they talks about on the work to be done. When finish the machine product, plants are placed on the appropriate concrete project. After the assembly process plant will be delivered 3 days after the test run. Then be in constant contact with customers for regular maintenance and spare parts.

Let's look at a sample project for better understanding. In the bottom system after the 90 stone crushing plants, it has 2. cubitzer crusher and tertiary crushers. The system is aimed at a 50% rate of dust.   Instead of fixed stone crusher plant, you can prefer our new system which complete plant is collected in a single chassis, it is called Mobile Stone Crushing Plants. Our system is suitable for installation in both with and bucket truck. İt takes care of many of the classical crusher plant equipment that it's work alone in a single chassis.
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