Chemicals Drying Facility

Chemicals Drying Facility
General Makina New Generation Construction Chemicals Machines are the work of 36 years of experience.
Calcining Drying units we produced that,is produced according to  type of product to be dried, partical size and ratio to be reduced by the percentage of water needs completely designed and manufactured a special type of poultry or Honeycombs.
With advanced design makes the most economic manner ensuring proportional combustion drying. Size, burning capacity, insulation ,after completely made of insulating material analysis, is tailored to the material.
Usage areas :
Dolomite, calcite, silica, quartz, volcanic minerals and is designed for drying of pozzolan and other industrial products.
Hardware :
Heat treated the drive pinion and gear.
Heat treated rings.
Thermocouple temperature control system.
Rock wool insulation.