Calcite Grinding Plant

Calcite Grinding Plant
The General Makina production of calcite production facilities, we are proud to be solution partner to our valuable customers for many years. Our machines produced outstanding quality at an affordable price and is the result of superior engineering experience. Micronized Calcite Grinding Plant is used paint industry, in the production of plaster of paris and many other industries. The micronized calcite machine design can show change according to usage and branch of industry.

Information about the Calcite Mine:
Calcite, chemical formula which crystallized calcium carbonate CaCO3. It can be transparent, white, yellow, rustic green and blue color. Hardness is 3, specific gravity is 2.71. In cold and dilute hydrochloric acid, it is decomposed with vigorous bubbling. Drawn with a knife. CO2 dissolves in water and it is made Ca (HCO 3) 2.
Uses of Calcite Grinding Plant:
Plastics Sector CaCO3
Paint and Surface Coating CaCO3
Construction Chemicals in the plant CaCO3
In the paper sector CaCO3
In Glass Sector CaCO3
In Gypsum Industry CaCO3

Plant Modeling:
In calcite grinding plant which have feed silos can give material with integrated into the system thanks to weighing belt.
Thanks to raymond mill, feed material to turbo-dynamic separator.
3 kinds of material in the system can be obtained.
With dynamic system placed into the system, the size of final product can reduce.
SCADA automation system based on a central computer is put into practice using the system.
In Micronized calcite grinding machines, thanks to mimic diagram you can instant changes.
Reporting and auditing can be controlled remotely.