What is Vibrating Screens? Vibrating Screen Types

What is Vibrating Screens? Vibrating Screen Types
The Vibrating Screens are one of the most important equipment of the crushing system. Vibrating Screen are used to distinguish from each other different sizes what you have broken stone. In this way multiple product can be obtained at the same time.
Which type vibrating screen you should choos is depend the type of material production, washing condition and humidity. You must be careful when you choose the vibrating scrrens that you need.
As General Machinery, we help you in our factory and swhowroom for chosing vibrating system what you need in your facility. General Machinery have 40 year experience the production of stone crushing and screening plant and also it is a leader in the production of vibrating system.
Vibrating Screen types are as follows:
Top-Driven Screens
Top-Driven Stage Screens
Grill Screens
Conventional Vibrating Screen
Vibration Control Screens
Aggregate Screens
Twin Vibrating Screens
Micronized Vibrating Screen
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