Skid Mounted Crusher

Skid Mounted Crusher
In the current century, with the increasing population and developing technology, the need for raw materials in the building construction industry is gradually increasing. Especially quarries (stone crushing, screening and washing plants), which are referred to as surface mining, have a great duty in this regard.
While crushing and screening stone, modular, environmentally friendly and high performance plants equipped with innovative technologies have become a necessity for increasing demand and a sustainable future, Skid Mounted Crusher - Skid Mounted Modular Crushers are designed for exactly these purposes and needs.
Skid Mounted Crusher - Skid Mounted Modular Crusher models, which have dozens of combinations for the needs; feeder, crusher, screen and stock bands are offered together modularly, are manufactured with General Makina quality in our main production site in Turkey / Izmir.

Skid Mounted Crusher - If we come to the main advantages of Skid Mounted Modular Crushers;
  • Since the manufacturing and installation phase is the design of all equipment on a single chassis, they are made in the production facility and shipped ready for operation. In this way, problems that may be encountered in the plant can be identified in advance by our relevant mechanical engineers.
  • Since it is shipped ready for installation, unlike fixed or semi mobile crushing plants, the loading, transfer and delivery stages are completed quickly and economically.
  • In the assembly phase after the shipment phase, the need for extra personnel is very low compared to other facilities and continues to provide economic advantage at this stage. In addition, there is no need for an extra special floor project in the concrete and layout plan stages, so there is no loss of time and finance.
  • Since Modular Crushers are installed as a complete package, they can be connected to the crushing plants with a single conveyor belt and can be adapted to the plant production very well.
  • Thanks to its compact structure, Modular Crushers have the possibility of easy disassembly, shipment and reassembly as if it were a single equipment.
You can contact us for new generation, multifunctional stone crushing and screening machines such as Skid Mounted Crusher.