Top-Driven Screens

General machinery top driven screens vibrate elliptical. The direction of the ellipse is right ahead on behind, in front of the screen right ahead . Material flow rate is more than at back of the screen, is less than the front side. In this way, at General Machinery overhead driven screens , screening efficiency is more. Capacity of the screen depends on significantly material to be eliminated gradation, wetness and whether it should wash . it is mounted a complete fixed removable with screws on a chassis , with top driven screen grooves. Rides and walking platforms were put for maintenance of screen and in order to ensure the exchange of screens. Short shafts that eccentric weights are connected to each other via the propeller shaft. There is 2 special screen roller in each bearing group. There are 2 bearings group smaller than 14 m2 and 4 bearings group in bigger. General Mechinery screens are the product of 36 years of experience.