Grill Screens

General Mechinery Grill Screens are designed in 2 type. Type G is to separate by passing the material type is to put in front of the secondary crusher. It is placed to between feeder and primary crusher to separate material which goes to from G-Tuvenan material to primary crusher with by-passing material . After the M-primary crusher, they suply not to enter to secondary crusher by-passing thin material. They are put in front of the secondary crusher. G type grill screens are driven with 2 vibrators and made linear vibration. M Type grill screens are driven as in conventional screenswith a separate electric motor, belt-pulley system, bedded in the screen body with special bearings with eccentric shafts, one at each end of the shaft. They made circular vibration. Grills are made high Mn rate alloy "austenistic" made of steel casting and setting the grid spacing can be easily by-passed material size is set.