GNR ME1650

General Screening Washing Machine system is collected all system on a single platform, it is portable with one truck.
It can make more alone what the washing-elimination system can do things.

GNR ME1650 Washing and Screening Plant System Capacity is 130-125 t/h
Bunker Feeding can be increased with extra compartment (Optional).
Thanks to the hydraulic system to remove coarse material is poured through the pistons down.
The production can be made by just one person.
The operation can be controlled by remote control. (Radio controller is a standard feature)
Easy consignment advantage
Commissioning of time, such as 15 min.
Easy installation is provided with manual pin to pass up.
In addition to working with the generator can be operated with the mains power.
Approximate fuel consumption: 6 liters / hour.
All General Machinery products has CE certified by the European Union.
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