Tertiary Crusher

Tertiary Crusher; screen material with high-speed rotating crusher pallets or pallets means that the rotor hitting against hard palette; durable materials used to obtain thin and cubic are highly engineered machines with low operating costs. Our tertiary crushers are our most preferable crushers.

Tertiary Features and Anvantages.
Thanks to reversibility in both directions rotating rotor, the hammers can be used in two faces. Special design of the shock pads and the rotor rotating at high speed filler (powder) ratio is low, obtaining a high percentage of sand. Easy maintenance with full-open lids on both sides. İt gives the product which is gradation suitable size distribution of the sand where concrete plant the asphalt fecilities wanted. Creek stone max. 80 mm ,furnace stone max . 150 mm feed. Screen material is ideal for breaking.

Tertiary Crusher machine also known as Sand Machine.

Call us for Teritary Crusher prices now! General Machinery made producing Tertiary Crusher with ISO 9001 and CE quality certificates.