Wobbler Feeder

- General Makina, as one of the Turkish leading companies in the production in the crushing-screening plant chain since 1976, has added the Wobbler Feeder.
The most important feature of the Wobbler feeders is that the sticky material with high moisture content clogs can be screened and prevents the low performance and keep the high capacity.
Disc elliptical shafts rotating synchronously provide separation and disposal of materials that are not required to reach the crusher. Thus, sticky materials, mud pieces, and fine materials cannot reach the screens and clogging does not occur.
The second important feature of General Makina's Wobbler Feeder is its low energy consumption, silent and vibration-free working principle. Wobbler Feeder is ideal with its long disc-durability, which ensures that materials with high moisture content and sticky raw materials can be fed smoothly. Other advantages of these feeders are low maintenance frequency and cost, and dust-free operation.
General Makina, as a pioneering company that responds to all the needs of the stone crushing-screening industry, also carries out professional production for its customers in the production of Wobbler Feeder.