Mobile Secondary Impact Crusher

Mobile secondary impact crushers are collected on a single platform, with a single portable trailer truck. A powerful mobile secondary impact crusher located within. Quickly installed and it can break basalt, limestone, river materials. The M-DMK02 is our machine which most preferred in world market. General Machine Mobile Secondary Impact Crusher unit have a high performance and quality.

Feeder system is driven by 2 vibromotor or double eccentric. This allows to present smoothly work and minimum maintenance. Feeder hopper is suitable for feeding. Excavator and Loder which can also feed with truck additional compartment at permanent work. At feeder, wear spots are protected by a replaceable wear armor. There is an elimination system on Feeder Tray. By-pass through the conveyor, this eliminated grounded material can pour into stock area.

Mobile Secondary Impact Crusher machine, especially one of the most preferred by road engineer. Because one of the best crusher performance in the production of stabilized material.
If you wish to parse the material with the vibrating screen feature, you may examine our Mobile Crushing Plant Closed Circuit on Mobile Stone Crusher page.