General 944

GENERAL 944 Mobile Crusher is a crushing and screening plant produced with the latest technology and has a capacity of 200-250 tons / hour. General 944 is effective for crushing granite and basalt, which are the hardest stones in the nature.

The GENERAL 944 Closed Circuit Crushing and Screening Plant is able to transport the entire system on a single chasis and move comfortably with a truck.

It can be easily operated in 30 minutes and the product can be obtained.
It is the last crusher facility which can be used to break natural stones such as hard and brittle stone (basalt, granite) and mines (Iron ore, chrome mine, quartz).

* Jaw Crusher (Crusher)
Dimension: 900x650 mm Primer type
Engine power: 75-90 Kw
Adjustable mechanism and jaw crusher can be easily adjusted.
* Main Conveyor Belt System 800 mm
Pallet type conveyor is rubber.

* Vibrating Screen System High Capacity Type
Dimension: 1600x5000mm
Engine Power 15 KW
Number Of Floors: 3 Floors

* Hydraulic Cone Crusher Unit
Feed size is max. 210 mm
Crusher Engine 132 KW
Hydraulic and lubrication unit
Motor box
Motor stand
Machine with its own linings
Hydraulic cylinder adjustment and compression ring
Overload protection provided by two-sided cylinders and accumulators
Counter shaft system
Conical head system with internal bearings and spherical bearings
Eccentric system
Set-up box and hydraulic motor crusher top sieve system
Lubrication / Hydraulics

* Under-Screen Stock Conveyor 1000 mm
Folding type

* Stock Conveyor 2 units 600 mm Folding type
* 2. Crusher Main Belt Conveyor 5000 mm Folding type
* Mobile Chassis System 3-Axis Special Constructed Chassis
* Hydraulic System
There are 6 hydraulic foot mechanisms in the system, after these feet are locked, they are strengthened with 6 Fixed feet.
Hydraulic Power System 125 Liter
Magnetic Conveyor Belt 750 mm (Optional)
* Clipboard Material is Schneider Electric or Telemecanique Mark.
* Board System has Abb Soft Starter system and special control system.
All functions can be controlled with Remote Control (Radio Control System).
Generator System Optional, 6 Cylindrical diesel engine and Marelli Alternator of Cummins, Perkins, Doosan, Deutz brands.
Capacity: Material to be Shredded and Feeding, Variable according to the final product sizes, Capacity is 160 - 240 tons.
Dust Removal System, dust is prevented by spraying high pressure water nozzle to suppress dust in conveyors.
Feeders are Vibromotor Emtas or Italvibras, Oli Brand.
Drive Drums are Rubber Coated and Threaded.
Electric Motors are Gamak, Emtaş, Inter Mark.
Gearboxes are special gearboxes with 3 gears.
Conveyor Belt Tires Derby or Eksaş Brand.
Bearings: SKF or Equivalent Bearings
The flat product used is Eregli Iron and Steel Product and it is A1 Size.
* By-pass system (optional)
* Magnetic magnet (optional)
* Generator System (optional)
* Additional Hopper to feed with truck (optional)
* Dust Removal System (optional)
* Frequency Control System is used instead of Soft Starter.

Approximate fuel consumption 30 - 35 Lt / hour (Optional)

** Shipping Dimensions: Width 3000 mm x Length 15.000 mm x Height 4500 mm

** All our products are European Union CE certified.