General 03

General 03 Mobile Stone Crusher Plant are designed for a wide variety of applications. If each plant is different, each is the same in fundamental ways: Portability, reliability, sustainability, competitiveness of the capital cost, low maintenance cost and designed to meet the needs of the client.
The portability has been a major concern for customers, as well as quick installation time. We have accommodated the concerns of our clients in making the most of our portable plants in a single unit. Since our plants are portable in a single piece, they use a minimum amount of time in setup and teardown. To further reduce the set-up and tear-down time, all the plants are supplied as standard with telescopic screw jack legs or optional hydraulic lifting legs for fast and eliminate the tedious task of retaining wall. We have designed our plants to be able to be placed and running in a minimum of time to provide our customers with cost reduction and increased productivity.

We have proven the reliability and durability of our plants with years of service in the field. These plants have crushed everything there is to crush and run day-to-day and they are still going strong. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our designs, our plants better and continue to the final of the competition.

Our plants are designed with the idea that a plant needs to be easily updated. We understand that the time spent in the maintenance of a plant is a time that could be spent to produce the equipment. We strive to design our plants in order to minimize the time required to perform the necessary maintenance.

General 03 Mobile Stone Crusher Plant specializes in the design and application - the right product and the right plan of movement to accomplish a particular task. Many of our plants are designed around the specifications of our clients, but we always keep an eye on the flexibility. Since our plants are designed with the needs of our customers in mind, we are able to build a more efficient plant and/or eliminate the need for additional equipment to accomplish the same task.

All General Machinery products has CE certified by the European Union.